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Volleyball Rules

3rd-6th Grade Volleyball Rules follow NFHS Rules, with the Following Changes:

I. The Match

A regular season game will consist of 3 matches or a 60-minute time limit.

II. Scoring

Scoring will be rally scoring. (a point is awarded on every serve)

The winner of a game shall be the first team to 25 points. A two-point lead is necessary to win a game.

In tournament play the winner will be the first team to win 2 games.

A third and deciding game in a tournament match will be played to 15 points.

III. Time Limits

The total match will have a 60-minute time limit of 3 matches, whichever comes first.

IV. Time Outs

Time Outs (2 per game) shall not exceed 45 seconds and are not allowed during the last two minutes of a time limit.

V. The Server

Each server is allowed to serve as long as they win points for a maximum of three serves.

After three successful winning serves, a team retains the serve but the next player in the rotation (see sketch, page 2) becomes the server.

All players must begin in their rotation position but may move after the serve and can come to the net to attack the ball.

VI. The Court

3rd ~ 6th grades will play on a regulation size court

VII. Rotation

1,2 and 3 in the back row and 4,5, and 6 in the front. Player 1 will serve first and Player 6 will be first to rotate out. Player 7 would enter in the 1 position and other players advance one spot. The rotation will continue with each change of server whether by sideout or the three-point serve rule.
VII. Serving Line

3rd/4th grade will serve from a line 12' from the net. All overhand servers must serve from the 12’ line. Underhand servers should serve from the 12’ line but may go as close as the 10’ line only if needed to be successful.

5th/6th grade will serve from the regulation distance (end line). Overhand servers may move up 3’ from the regulation distance if needed to be successful. Underhand servers may move up 6 feet from the regulation distance, only if needed to be successful.

VIII. Spike/Blocking the serve

Players may not block or spike a serve.

IX. Net

6' net height

X. Ball

A special lightweight ball will be used. 

XI. Team Composition

A team shall consist of six (6) players on the court at one time. At least four (4) players must be present to start a game. If a player shows up after a game has begun, he/she must be inserted into the game at a sideout or a time-out.

XII. Playing Requirements

All players present need to play in every game. Players follow the rotation described by the coach prior to the game. The only substitutions or changes allowed will be due to a late arriving player as described above or an injury.

Failure to play players the required amount shall result in a forfeit of the match.

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